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Here at the Community Eye Care website we are determined to ensure the nation’s eye health is kept at an optimum level. The majority of people ignore regular eye care for one reason or another. It is critical that we all protect this valuable asset of ours. For instance, you should wear protective eyewear when coming into close contact with something that might splash up into the eye. Also, if you are working around flying particles, you must wear protective eyewear. Avoid laser pointers too, for light coming from them and aimed at the eye can actually prove more damaging than staring directly at the sun. Get in touch with the Community Eye Care team for more information.

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This website has nothing to do with the old Journal of Community Eye Health website.

For more information regarding the Journal of Community Eye Health please contact them directly at Keppel St, London WC1E 7HT, or on 020 7958 8168.